Hongda Jiang

Hongda Jiang

PhD student of computer graphics

Peking University


I’m now a PhD student of Computer Graphics in Visual Computing and Learning Lab in Peking University advised by Prof. Chen Baoquan. My research interests focus on camera control, cinematography and deep learning.


  • Computer Graphics
  • Deep Learning
  • Camera Control


  • PhD in Computer Graphics, 2019-now

    Peking University

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2015-2019

    Peking University


Digital Image Processing

This project is about the digital image processing course.


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GAMES 101 course


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Camera Keyframing with Style and Control

We present a tool that enables artists to synthesize camera motions following a learned camera behavior while enforcing user-designed keyframes as constraints along the sequence.

Example-driven Virtual Cinematography by Learning Camera Behaviors

In this paper, we propose an example-driven camera controller which can extract camera behaviors from an example film clip and re-apply the extracted behaviors to a 3D animation, through learning from a collection of camera motions.

Rethinking Fusion Baselines for Multi-modal Human Action Recognition

Multi-modal data can provide more useful information for Human Action Recognition. But with the different formats, different modal data can only be used separately, which results a inefficient fusion. In this paper, we give comprehensive analysis of fusion schemes through experimental results and hope our work could benefit the community in multi-modal action recognition.


CG Papers Reading (Chinese version)

Rough reading of CG papers, in order to introduce computer graphics to more people.